About the work

My work is inspired by places where I have spent time or by the elements of nature I see around me.   Sometimes I am inspired by the urban landscape as I have spent a lot of time in various cities and the paintings suggest the atmosphere of a city location.  Recently I have been focused on nature and the lines and energy of small places and beings.

I try to capture the feeling of these places in an abstract way. I don’t paint from photographs but rather from my imagination. This often results in landscapes that are somewhat mysterious and that can be interpreted in various ways.  I want the viewer to be transported by what they see and make each painting part of their own reality rather than seeing a defined landscape.

I sometimes paint on mylar, a material that provides a fluid surface for ink, paint and the other drawing mediums. I also paint works on paper with layers of oil pastel. The energy of the landscapes is portrayed by gestural marks and scratches.  Recently I have been doing a series that incorporates drawing with painting.  The mark making is very free and the lines inspired by nature.  It is about finding the energy of small places and elements all around us that we rarely take the time to examine.