About the Work

My abstract oil pastel series explores the feelings and emotions generated by color. These paintings use warm colors to evoke a passionate and uplifting feeling. For me, the many shades of red and other passionate colors serves to energize, warm and transport me to a better place.  Each painting is done in a unique color to evoke a slightly different emotion.  Although the imagery in the series is abstract/non-objective, it gives a feeling of looking outside.  Circles, lines and other marks float in space, perhaps suggesting a happy time and place.

The paintings are oil pastel on paper. Oil pastel provides one of the most intense colorations of all mediums. Each painting is done in many layers of oil pastel, developing a thick and creamy surface. Earlier layers are revealed using a palette knife to cut back into the surface and create various marks and gestures. I think of my work as passionate and full of movement.


In Motion, oil pastel on paper, 31 x 49